Enhance Your Battle Creek and Kalamazoo Water

Whether you live in Kalamazoo, Battle Creek, or somewhere in between, you can trust Culligan to provide you with safe, fresh, great-tasting water. We’ve been working for years to improve Southwest Michigan’s water quality for its citizens, so we know the local water.

Water is everywhere, and it has a huge effect on our quality of life. It’s used in making food, cleaning your home and the people in it, and hydrating your whole family. If you have concerns about the contaminants in your tap water, or if you’ve spent too much time dealing with hard water spots and buildup, Culligan can help get you an effective, efficient, and affordable solution.

With a vast array of advanced whole home water filters, water softeners, and drinking water solutions from local Kalamazoo water experts, it is now easier than ever before to enjoy high quality, great tasting water that is safe for your home, and the people in it.

Southwest Michigan Water Treatment

Since much of our area relies on water that comes from underground aquifers, water quality is dependent on several factors. The quality and type of rock in the sedimentary layers under the earth will determine how effective its natural filtration is, and also how hard the water can be. In addition, agricultural and industrial runoff may seep into your groundwater system. Battle Creek, Kalamazoo, and the surrounding areas also have had recent water quality scares, such as the high PFA levels recently seen in several of our neighborhoods.

While the cities are well-equipped to handle and treat your water to safe, legal levels, the best way to ensure your water is safe is to get your home’s water tested. With a free in-home water analysis, you can find out exactly what is in your water. With this information, your local Culligan Man can recommend to you the right solution to get the best quality water in your home.

Water Softeners, Reverse Osmosis, Advanced Filtration, Drinking Water Filters, and More

Whatever your water want — from better tasting water at home, abating concerns about contaminants, or saving on utilities — there’s a Culligan solution that’s up to the task. Whole home filters are ready to resolve water problems at the source, while point-of-use solutions like the AC-30® Drinking Water System deliver great tasting water right where you need it most, and water softeners improve efficiency and make life easier all over the house.

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