Gallons of delicious, refreshing, pure and nutritious water right from your own kitchen! Ready for a FREE TRIAL?

With a Culligan RO system you’ll enjoy...

Man Getting Glass of Water
  • Clean water, with a drastic reduction in harmful contaminants, that may help you be healthier
  • Great-tasting water that leaves you refreshed
  • Delectable food that bursts with flavor
  • More savings, because you won’t be buying bottled water to quench your thirst
  • Beverages like coffee and tea that taste like they should
  • Ice cubes so clear you’ll struggle to see them

Culligan Reverse Osmosis System

Culligan’s Reverse Osmosis system:

  • Makes your tea and coffee taste amazing
  • Gives you smoother mixed drinks
  • Makes your already delicious homemade cooking taste out of this world
  • Is a sensible cook’s best friend
  • Provides delicious water on demand

Trust Your Local Water Experts

We're here for you:

Culligan has been treating the water needs of the Battle Creek & Kalamazoo since 1967! We’re dedicated to making your water better using superior equipment at great prices, coupled with the best service.

We're Family Owned:

Our team works in the local area and we're a family owned and operated business.

We offer an unbeatable guarantee:

Our equipment is backed by a 30-day money-back, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, which gives you peace of mind.

Our warranty:

Most Culligan equipment comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty, ensuring you can enjoy better water for a long time.

What our clients say

Penny Borst
Penny Borst
18:23 03 Feb 24
All the employees talk to you in such a kindly manner. Definitely know and understand the all aspects of the softener and salt.
Rochelle Whiting
Rochelle Whiting
17:52 03 Feb 24
14:48 03 Feb 24
I could not be happier with Culligan! I can be a lot and everyone is so friendly and helpful! A big thanks to James who came out for a service call (fixed and explained the issue perfectly) and returned 2 or 3 of my follow-up calls about the softener and a thing with my water heater. The first time... they were here was right after we bought the house in Dec 2020. We have an elderly, nosey neighbor who we had never met just pop in the side door by the kitchen while I was exhaustingly and sweatily unpacking the kitchen and speaking with *The Culligan Man*... She said, "Is this your husband?" and at the same time we both smiled and exclaimed, "No, he's/I'm just the Culligan Man!" I knew from that moment, I had made the right choice for my water softening needs. Thanks guys!read more

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